About Dr. Wilson

Douglas Wilson, PhD, is an experienced psychologist providing counseling in Burbank, California. Dr. Wilson comes from a place of empathy and understanding while providing psychotherapy to his patients. He creates an environment where they will feel safe and secure to explore issues hindering them from living a fully engaged and authentic life.

Dr. Wilson has ample experience in the mental health field and specializes in several evidence-based psychotherapy approaches. With a doctorate in clinical psychology and a two-year certificate in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Dr. Wilson currently specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), gestalt therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

In addition to treating many common mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and obsessional thinking, Dr. Wilson deeply understands stress, trauma, and their widespread impacts on a patient’s well-being. He provides stress management services and anger management for patients who want to learn control over their emotions. He also provides relationship therapy at his private practice to help patients increase communication and understanding with their partners.